Golfer on Fairway
A Golfer gets ready to swing

Density Altitude affects everything from the power an engine can make, the lift of a wing, the flight of a golfball or the bite of a propeller. 

For racers, the ideal jetting of the carburetor is highly dependent on DA. It can easily mean the difference of a being on or off the podium. 

For pilots,  Density Altitude is even more crucial as it can determine whether an aircraft can safely take off from a given airfield or bush strip. Every year, numerous flying accidents are caused by underestimating the effect density altitude has, or completely disregarding it.

Backcountry Airstrip
A Cessna 180 Skywagon at Cabin Creek USFS Airstrip in the Idaho Backcountry


Computing Density Altitude with a reasonable degree of accuracy is time consuming and sometimes confusing  enough that many don’t go through the trouble. In Addition, most calculators and even official FAA Density Altitude data don’t include humidity in their calculations.

Density Altitude+ for iOS
Density Altitude+ for iOS

Our app Density Altitude+ for iOS was designed to make finding your current Density Altitude as easy as looking up the current time on your phone. Density Altitude+ uses the barometer and GPS on the device along with industrial strength global weather information and best-of-class physics and mathematics to instantly compute not only Density Altitude, but Relative Density (RAD), altimeter setting, humidity, specific humidity (in grains/lb) and dyno correction coefficient.

What’s more, you can now also look up any location on earth and get those same data computed for you immediately. 

Give Density Altitude+ a try today.





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