The Apple Watch version of Zulu Time has incorporated a timer feature with a wide range of functions for over a year now.
Some of these features were inspired by customers who work in space flight, others by flight instructors.

The timer feature in Zulu time supports:

  • A count-up timer, useful for tracking and logging flight etc.
  • Various count-down timers useful for timing legs of holding patterns, for example.
  • A Zulu Time count-down, count-up timer

The Zulu Time count-down, count-up timer, also known as a mission or event timer, is a unique feature and is and very useful in certain situations.
It was inspired by customers involved in space flight, but is useful in many other situations as well.

For example, if you have received an IFR clearance with a cleareance void time at an uncontrolled airport, that clearance void time will be expressed in zulu time.
Using the zulu time mission/event timer, you can easily set the timer for the appropriate zulu time void time and have easy access to your time remaining at a glance.


As of version 3.0, Zulu time on iPhone and iPad now has the same timer features.

As mentioned previously, the count-up timer is handy as a flight timer for flight instructors, general time logging or for timing switching tanks.

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